Cooghi bike K3 3-in-1 tricycle kids loves it

Cooghi bike K3 3-in-1 tricycle kids loves it

With the growth of the baby, many parents now buy the corresponding toys for the baby. The children's tricycle is a way to improve the baby's physique and physical coordination to promote the baby's brain growth and physical enhancement.

Ms. Jones, who lives in California, USA, recently found a Cooghi bike K3 multifunctional three-in-one tricycle on Google Shopping. It has three modes: tricycle, balance bike, and trolley, and it is lightweight and foldable. He discussed with his neighbors, compared multiple brands of  tricycle bike, and finally agreed that Cooghi bike K3 was suitable in all aspects and bought it.

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We know that children like the existence of magic that one car can turn into several vehicles. Cooghi bike K3 tricycle can be operated in this way. Cooghi bike K3 is not only liked by children but also by mothers. This is from the original unique and innovative design of the top Cooghi bike product designers. Cooghi bikes often have excellent design concepts. There are many color options for tricycles, and there is always one that mothers and children like.

Cooghi bike K3 tricycle can be quickly disassembled and assembled without tools and can easily transform a car into deformation
It can be operated in seconds to change the balance car, trolley, or tricycle, three modes to adjust, and it is also easy to carry and store; Cooghi bike K3 tricycle is suitable for ages 1.5-5 years old. Balance car mode: 34.6-37.4Inch,

Cooghi bike K3 tricycle has six significant advantages:
1. The push rod is connected to the front brake, and the direction of the front of the car can be controlled directly by changing the push rod pushing angle, making the steering more flexible and labor-saving.
2. The primary material is aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which is relatively light and has strong corrosion resistance, and the material is sturdy.
3. The seat plate adopts a saddle-type design, which is ergonomic and more suitable for the baby's buttocks, making riding more comfortable.
4. Low center of gravity golden triangle proportion structure, the whole is more solid, and it is safe not to roll over.
5. The use of oversized and widened EVA wheels can easily roll any road surface, mute, skid, and glide more easily.
6. The pedals can be freely disassembled. When riding, you can step on them to move forward; when walking the baby, the baby can be used as a pedal.



Cooghi bike children's tricycle bike purchase guide three points to pay attention to:
Many parents will choose a children's tricycle suitable for the needs of different ages of the baby as a playmate of the baby's childhood, so how do choose a tricycle, and what are the precautions? Let me share with you some shopping tips.

1. Parts
The accessories installed on the stroller have different functions. For example, the handlebars on the handlebars are often touched by children, not to mention whether the products are toxic or not. The pedals should be flexible and durable, the wheels should be broad, light in weight, and use wear-resistant materials, adult push rods, etc., so they can be cared for at any time. Good boy.

2. Brand
When choosing a children's toddler trike, you must look at the quality of the brand. Generally, when selecting a child to sit on a tricycle bike, both feet can be safely placed on the ground. Prevent accidents from happening. The handlebar distance should be just a short distance from the seat and too low to prevent the child from bending the spine when riding the bicycle on his stomach.

3. Accessories
The coordination and assembly of the parts should consider the rationality of the interaction of the parts and the mechanical wear. If the details are not assembled correctly, the service life of the car will be shortened, and it will even harm the safety of children. If parents use a push rod cart, they will move with the pedals. If the front wheel has a flywheel structure, the child's feet will not follow the movement, which ensures the safety of the child.

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