Why do children like cooghi bike v1, V3 Pro Scooter

Why do children like cooghi bike v1, V3 Pro Scooter

Mr. Williams, in Washington, USA, purchased Cooghi V1 Pro Scooter for his child. Neighbors purchased the Cooghi V3 Pro Scooter.

According to Mr. Wilson, children often glide at home, community, and in parks. In the evening, a group of children plays Scooter for Kids in the community and park. In the park, you can see the cooghi V1 Pro Scooter played by my child at a glance. The wheels are glowing, and the color is bright and beautiful. He said that most children who were playing did not wear protective equipment such as knees, elbows, and hard hats, but fast.


V1, V3 children's professional scooter
10/26-11/1, CoogHi Bike V1, V3 Pro scooter Activity

In response to this issue, many parents believe children are playing under their eyelids and should not have a big problem. However, some parents admitted that there are indeed examples of children injured by children playing scooter around them. Mr. Wilson communicated with his neighbor, saying that her colleagues' children had fallen and been injured last year. After knowing this, she bought the child a set of protective gear.


In order to help consumers buy a safe and suitable scooter For Kids, Mr. Wilson carefully studied scooter for Kids. He and the neighbors called for parents to check the products carefully and check the products before using them. The wheels, accessories, etc. can be contacted, and he mentioned that Cooghi Bike V1 and Cooghi Bike V3 did very well in all aspects.


V1 scooter for Kids is suitable for 3-8 years old.


(1) The scooter adopts gravity steering. It is not a conventional steering. The handle can be turned onto the left and right sides. The cycling mode is the same as the taxi mode. It is very convenient and flexible after being familiar. It can also effectively prevent rollover.

(2) A baby 3-8 years old and 35.4-55inch.

(3) The net weight of the classic model is 2.5 kilograms, and the net weight of the light-emitting model is 2.7 kg.

(4) The pedal load is 110LB.

(5) The car can adjust the height in one range.


COOGHI BIKE V1 3 wheel scooter classic and the luminous wheel broken body can be stored easily.

V1 3 wheel scooter
Children are playing Cooghi Bike V1


V1 scooter can slip, and the range of handle is highly adjusted: 25.3-33.2inch (handle distance to the ground)


Suitable for ages 3-8 years old

It is recommended to be 35-55inch

Step load bearing 110LB

The width of the pedal is about 4.7inch

Color box size 23.3x6.7x10.2Inch

Outer box size 24 × 7.3 × 11inch

Wheel size front wheel diameter 4.7Inch, thickness 0.92Inch

The diameter of the rear wheels is 3.1Inch; the thickness is 0.92Inch


Cooghi Bike V3 3 wheel scooter: Riding suitable for ages: 30-37Inch is about 1-2.5 years old, taxi is ideal for ages: 35.4-43INC is about 2-5 years old. There is no need for tools to switch different modes quickly, and push rods can be disassembled anytime.


Suitable for age cycling mode: 30-37INC is about 1-2.5 years old

Setting mode: 35-43INC is about 2-5 years old

Maximum load -bearing seat bearing 44LB

Footboard load 110LB

The width of the seat plate is about 4.3inc

The width of the pedal is about 4.7INC

Color box size 23.8x6.6x10.2inc

Outer box size 24.2 × 7.3 × 11inc

The wheel size front wheel diameter is 4.7INC; the thickness is 0.9inc

The diameter of the rear wheels is 3.1INC, and the thickness is 0.9INC

V3  scooter for kids
                                   Children are playing V3 scooter for Kids

V3 has the following advantages:
(1) Being able to ride and smooth the baby, use one by one in one car, no need to switch different modes, and the push rod can be removed at any time.
(2) Gravity turning to intelligent turning anti-rollover. The car is gravity steering, and the handle can be turned onto the left and right sides. It can effectively prevent rollover.
(3) Anti-collision pads Effectively rebound effectively, effectively buffering strong earthquakes caused by accidental impacts, preventing the spinal spine from being injured by the spine, and the baby's slide is safer.
(4) Exercise children's balance; enhance children's response and promote leg development; cultivate children's self-confidence and brave quality.
(5) The height of the push pole can be adjusted freely, adapting to the size of different treasures and effortlessly bent.
(6) PU wear-resistant and mute wheels. You don't have to worry about having noisy neighbors downstairs at home.

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