The best gift for children's Halloween Cooghi bike S3 balance car 7-piece set

The best gift for children's Halloween Cooghi bike S3 balance car 7-piece set

October 31, 2022 is Halloween. Cooghi bike has prepared a seven-piece set of exquisite gifts for S3 balance bike and children's protective gear. Halloween is a very magical festival, which originated from the celebrations related to evil ghosts. On October 31, it is a tradition in western countries such as the United States, the British Isles, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Festival.

Halloween is called the Pumpkin Festival by some and the Ghost Festival by others. Bats, owls, pumpkins, and other nocturnal animals are common Halloween symbols. Halloween is the hallmark of worship, ghosts, goblins, and skeletons on broomsticks. , In the lively market, many people take beautiful photos, and everyone shares pictures when resting.

Cooghi bike introduces Halloween bat, owl, pumpkin logo
On this annual Halloween, Cooghi bike has prepared two sports gifts for children, namely, an "S3 balance bike and seven sets of protective gear". There are discounts for purchases now, and you are welcome to place an order.

Cooghi bike S3 balance bike toddler is suitable for 2-6 years old. It can quickly adjust the height of the handlebar, front and rear seat, and 360-degree steering of the handle without tools.

Cooghi balance bike toddler S3 features:
1. Promote the development of the baby's legs and exercise the baby's balance and movement ability.
2. It can exercise the nerve reflex ability and enhance the flexibility and skill of the baby's body.
3. Playing the balance car outdoors can strengthen sunlight exposure, promote skin and vitamin D synthesis, and promote calcium absorption.

Cooghi balance bike S3 selling points:
1. The height of the S3 can be adjusted flexibly, the size of the handlebars and seats can be changed, and it can be easily adjusted without tools.
2. The handle is 360-degree steering, 360-degree free rotation of the competitive handlebar, flexible steering, and free wheel of the handle when falling to avoid the impact of the chest and abdomen, and the baby is safer to ride.
3. With a U-shaped frame with a low center of gravity, shortened wheelbase of front and rear wheels, a lower center of gravity, and more stable riding, a balance bike for a balance bike for 2 year old baby can quickly master the balance.
4. According to the exercise habits of children aged 2-6, scientifically calculate a more labor-saving 160-degree body ratio, and the baby rides more comfortably.
5. The streamlined pedal design slides without scratching the feet, without sharp edges and corners; it is safe and does not scratch the feet, and the feet can rest during the sliding process, and the baby can play more easily.
6. The seat cushion is made of high-elasticity PU material, which is soft and breathable and has high elastic shock absorption. The baby is not tired from sitting for a long time, and the butt is more comfortable.
7. The body is made of lightweight aerospace magnesium alloy, which has a more robust bearing capacity and safer movement.
8. The net weight of the whole car is only 3.1kg, and the baby can easily lift it up, making it easier to learn.

Cooghi bike brand S3 balance bike, seven-piece set of protective gear


The seven-piece Cooghi bike protective gear set is suitable for 3-10 years old, which can fully protect the head, body, body, and elbow of the child and protect the baby from injury;

Cooghi bike protector seven-piece set features:
1. The protective gear covers Childrens helmet, elbow pads, kids' knee pads, Palm, and all-around professional protection.
2. Adjustable straps, not easy to slip off.
3. The shell is thickened and anti-falling, which can effectively offset the damage caused by accidental impact and fall and protect the child from exercising more safely

Cooghi bike protector seven-piece set selling points:
1. Multiple protection, all-around safer. The protective gear covers

Childrens helmet, elbow pads, kids' knee pads, and Palm, comprehensive professional protection so that children can play freely.
2. Thickened anti-fall shell, not afraid of accidents. The surface of the protective gear is made of thickened PP material, which is sturdy and wear-resistant, which can effectively offset the injury caused by accidental impact and fall and protect the child from moving more safely.
3. The elastic band is adjustable, and the strap is not easy to slip off. The new strap design can adjust the tightness freely. With high-quality Velcro, the protective gear is not easy to fall off. When the baby falls, it can prevent the protective equipment from shifting and reduce sports injuries.
4. Skin-friendly and breathable fabric, sports are not stuffy. The protective gear is made of Fengchao mesh-type breathable fabric, which has more substantial heat dissipation, and the baby is not sultry when moving. The inner lining is filled with thickened sponge, which has good cushioning and shock resistance and provides more protection to the joints.

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