Why I Choose The Cooghi V1 Kids Scooter For My Kid

Why I Choose The Cooghi V1 Kids Scooter For My Kid

Recently, I took my child for a walk in the park. The child saw other children in the neighborhood playing with a 3 wheel scooter, and my child watched with admiration.

On facing new things, I want to know whether it benefits children. Although my kid likes it enough, he still has to consider whether or not it suits him. Outdoor sport is good for people, and I believe everyone knows that it can exercise the body, enhance physical fitness, and promote the healthy growth of babies. So from when the child was born to now, I have given him some exercise.

Cooghi V1 pro Scooter suitable for 3-8 years old boys and girls available handle 3-speed adjustable height aluminum

I recently saw a Cooghi V1 pro scooter online, so I bought one to try. Its basic parameters are very detailed. For example, the recommended height is 35-55Inch; the pedal load can be 110lb; the pedal width is 5 Inches; the front wheel diameter is 5 Inches, and the thickness is 0.9Inch.

In general, it is a travel toy suitable for children aged 3-8. It comes in classic and illuminated versions, and both wheels are silent;

My kids can't wait to play with this scooter for kids in the park. Several parents in the park came over and asked me where I bought them. Seeing my kids having so much fun, I think it's worth the money.

However, when children exercise outside, parents must guide them initially. In particular, the gravity steering function of this scooter requires children to practice many times to turn well. Interest is always the best teacher, and the most important thing is children love it. In short, pro scooter for kids will lay a foundation for learning bicycles and improve the coordination of the body.

Security issues are my biggest concern. When a child is playing on a scooter, it is often the case that he is prone to rollover because he is not familiar with the operation or cannot control the balance. But the excellent stability and non-slip pedals of this scooter for kids reassure me.


Cooghi V1 kids 3 wheel scooter standing and cruising kids foldable body can be folded in one piece


The practicality of the skateboard was also something I considered. I hope to give a child a scooter that can accompany him to grow up. So I am very clear about my appeal to buy a scooter for children that can be used for a long time and has a high safety factor.

I'm so happy that the Cooghi V1 3 wheel scooter got my kids and me a thumbs-up. I hope my child will have more wonderful life experiences in sports, and I hope my choice will give him the most outstanding company!

If there are parents who want to buy pro scooter, here highly recommended to start with this Cooghi V1 Pro Kids Scooter

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