What's the age for children to ride a balance bike?

What's the age for children to ride a balance bike?

Cooghi bike S3 balance bike shares the various states of the early cycling of the children's riding bike with everyone.
The children's balance bike set off a new wave of sports in this year's childcare circle at the rapid speed of tornado.

It is really simple to see S3 balance bike . It only needs the baby's feet to the ground, and the legs are sliding forward. It can not only exercise the baby's leg muscles in a balanced development, but also improve their confidence and independence ability. What's more important is to keep them in the process of cycling, so that they prefer outdoor sports.

Regarding the benefits of balance bike , I believe that parents who are in the cycling army have their own experience.
Watching more and more children around them riding the Cooghi S3 balance bike  and whistling from you. balance bike usually require a process, and each child will be different in this process.

cooghi bike S3 children's balance car

What's the age for children to start the first balance bike  in life?
1. Suitable age: suitable for 2-6 years old 33-47inch babies.
2. Body weight: 6.8LB.
5. balance bike load: load bearing 220lb.
4. Wheel size: wheel 15.7inch, width 1.7inch.

Because the proportion of each baby is different, when the height is at the critical point, you still need to make a judgment based on the baby's own situation.
Each baby is a unique angel with different personalities and preferences. Faced with the first balance bike in their own life, they certainly have a different response.

S3 balance bike believes that regardless of the child's riding level, as long as you get in the balance bike, please wear a helmet and protective gear for your baby.
Most of the children who just got on the bus were crooked, and it was relatively easy to fall. Because children's balance is weak, they cannot control their body balance well.
At this time, parents should not question not to be nervous, because your nervous emotions will directly affect the child.
Some cautious children will show resistance or rejection because of lack of security. At this time, the guidance of parents is particularly important.

Don't choose to give up because the child's words dislike or not ride. Parents' persistence and encouragement is the most powerful backing of the child!
In addition, many parents will encounter a confused and depressed problem. After buying the balance bike home, the child threw the balance bikeand gave up the cycling just after trying it, and this throw was a long time.

Twin twins cooghi bike S3 children's balance car

What should parents do in this case?
First of all, let's carefully study whether the balance bike you bought is suitable for your baby, including the height of the body, the comfort of the seat, and the appearance of the balance bike.
The child's mind is always elusive, and this series of problems may be caused by the details that we have ignored by us.
Then, the best way may be to hand over the choice to the baby and bring him to pick one he likes.

Standing and walking around at first is a common problem of children. It is safe to protect the child and make him feel safe. Do not determine that the child will not ride. Children's ability to adapt is beyond your imagination, and it will give you a big surprise in a long time.

Slowly, the baby will sit down naturally and start a pendulum ride posture. Mom and dad must not worry and give them a little more encouragement. Because your inadvertent negation and negative attitude are likely to be the culprit that hinders the child's movement.
You can also try different riding methods. Outdoor is the world that children love. balance bike toddler is not limited to flat riding, grassland is a good choice, which can provide great enhancement of riding fun.

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