Why we all love the luxury V3 pro scooter

Why we all love the luxury V3 pro scooter

I recently purchased a Cooghi bike V3 pro scooter that can ride, slide and push. Sometimes when the child slides downstairs in the courtyard, park, or on the sidewalk, it may surprise other pedestrians. How can he be so fast? Why didn't I see the adults besides me? Where is his adult? When I was jogging in the back, I could often hear them discussing and questioning, and when the kid was going downhill, I would try to keep up to keep him safe.

The Cooghi bike V3 3-wheel scooter, loved by many moms since its first release, is a tilt-steer scooter designed for kids ages 1 to 5; it has been our top pick among kids' scooter because it rides A three-in-one scooter that can slide and push. I strongly recommend parents buy the V3 pro scooter. This V3 scooter for kids can be used generally for children from 1 to 5 years old.

For years I have used this V3 scooter for kids with my kids at home, in the park, etc. Once, my kid and five other kids were riding different styles of scooter for a race, and my kids always had the smoothest, fastest, most satisfying ride on the V3 pro scooter. Because the V3 scooter for kids has a 3-in-1 multifunctional design and beautiful appearance, I think this pro scooter is one of the top toys we highly recommend for the scooter. But it is really not just a toy, but an excellent companion to accompany the growth of children.

pro  scooter
Cooghi Bike V3 3 wheel scooter one car three-purpose can ride can walk baby putter control any direction Detachable at any time, suitable for age riding: 30-37 inches about 1-2.5 years old, skating ideal for age: 35-43INC about 2 -5 years old. Quickly switch between different modes without tools, and the actuator can be removed at any time.

Suitable for age riding mode: 30-37INC 1-2.5 years old
Glide mode: 35-43INC around 2-5 years old
The largest bearing block bearing 44LB
Foot pedal load 110LB
Seat width about 4.3inc
The width of the pedal is about 4.7INC
Color box size 23.8x6.6x10.2inc
Outer box size 24.2 × 7.3 × 11inc
Wheel size Front wheel diameter is 4.7inc; thickness is 0.9inc
Rear wheel diameter 3.1INC, thickness 0.9INC

3 wheel scooter
Cooghi Bike V3 pro scooter has the following advantages:
(1) The baby can ride smoothly and use one car for one use without switching between different modes, and the push rod can be removed at any time.
(2) Gravity steering intelligent steering to prevent rollover. The car is gravity steering, and the handle can be turned left and right. It can effectively prevent rollover.
(3) Anti-collision pad Effectively rebound, effectively buffer the strong earthquake caused by accidental impact, prevent the spine from being injured by the spine, and make the baby slide more safely.
(4) Exercise children's balance ability; enhance children's reaction ability; promote leg development; cultivate children's self-confidence and courageous qualities.
(5) The height of the push rod can be adjusted freely, adapting to the size of different treasures, and bending is effortless.
(6) PU wear-resistant mute wheel. You don't have to worry about noisy neighbors downstairs in your home.

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