Why do kids need to choose a scooter?

Why do kids need to choose a scooter?

We all know that children are born to learn to roll over, sit, crawl, and walk after they are born, and they will develop towards running and jumping. At these stages, the exercise of the sense of balance is essential, and the tool to exercise the importance of balance for children is the balance bike or pro scooter.

Cooghi bike V1 is a 3 wheel scooter that children like. It is easy to operate and suitable for 3-10 years old.

So today, I bring you the Cooghi bike V1 children's Scooter, a foldable scooter that has various ways to play, and children will like it.


3-wheeled scooter

Why love this Cooghi bike V1 scooter for kids?
1) The classic wheels are PU wheels, the light-emitting wheels are light-emitting wheels, and both are silent.
2) Whether it can turn: The Scooter adopts gravity steering, not conventional. It can be turned by gently pressing the handle to the left and right sides. The riding mode is operated in the same way as the sliding mode, and it is very convenient and flexible after familiarity and can effectively prevent rollover.
3) Suitable age and height: suitable for babies aged 3-10, with a size of 35-55Inch.
4) Body weight: the classic model has a net weight of 5.5lb, and the illuminated model has a net weight of 6lb.
5) Car load-bearing: pedal load-bearing 39lb.
6) Whether the height can be adjusted: the size of the car can be changed, and it can be adjusted arbitrarily within an interval.

professional Scooter

Benefits of playing a scooter:
1) The Cooghi bike V1 children's Scooter exercises the baby's balance ability, which is trendy in the United States. During the toddler stage, the baby can use two legs to push forward and enjoy the fun of autonomous driving. This also exercises the baby's balance ability to a great extent.

2) The Cooghi bike V1 scooter for kids enhances the strength of the baby's legs and exercises the baby's balance ability and sensory integration. Generally speaking, the baby can use the Scooter at about two years old. Some children walk early and have a good sense of movement at the age of one and a half, and that's it. Because the two-year-old baby learns to walk not long ago, and some are not very stable, learning to use a scooter can exercise leg strength very well.

3) Cooghi bike V1 pro scooter baby needs to kick the legs to slide out. One leg is forced to pedal, and the other is used to let the car slide. This alternating force and center of gravity switch invisibly let the baby learn the balance and control of exertion and power. When he first started using the Scooter, his feet stomped on the ground, but soon he mastered the feeling of pedaling out. He also knew that the leg that was pedaling was raised high, and the two legs cooperated in a coherent motion. Stand up. That is, after learning to play a scooter, my athletic ability has been significantly improved, and I rarely ask for hugs when I go out to play, and I feel that my legs are much more muscular.

4) Increase the amount of exercise the baby, consume physical energy, sleep and eat are no longer a problem; many mothers will worry that the baby does not eat well and sleep a little but does not sleep, in most cases because the baby's physical energy is not fully consumed, no Eat because you are not hungry, and sleep because you are not sleepy. So you can make good use of the Scooter and let the baby get excited anytime, anywhere. Playing this is not very demanding on the venue. As long as the home is a downstairs community, you can drive and slide any time, and it is not heavy to take upstairs and downstairs.

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