Cooghi V2 Pro 2-in-1 Trick Scooters for Kids

Color - Cooghi Green

1.V2 Pro 2-in-1 trick scooters for kids has balance bike and scooter modes, which can be quickly switched between the two modes, easy to operate, and babies can easily learn.

2.It is suitable for babies aged 1-5. You can switch modes according to your baby's age. 1-3 years old are suitable for balance bike mode. 3-5 years old are suitable for scooter mode. Of course, you can also adjust the mode according to the actual situation of your baby.

3.The height of V2 Pro trick scooters has three levels. You can adjust the appropriate height according to the height of your baby. You don’t need to buy a new scooter when your baby grow up.

4.The saddle-shaped seat is made of soft silicone material, giving the baby the best comfort, ergonomics, and is the best trick scooter.

5.No need for batteries, the wheels will glow during work, enhancing the sense of fashion and baby's experience.

Cooghi V2 Pro 2-in-1 Trick Scooters for Kids

Cooghi V2 Pro trick scooters for kids can be freely converted between a scooter and a balance bike. This means that users can choose the mode that suits them according to different needs and scenarios. On congested sidewalks or busy streets, balance bike mode may be more suitable as it offers better stability. And in a spacious park or on the road, scooter mode can provide more speed and excitement. This flexibility allows the Cooghi V2 Pro to adapt to a variety of different riding needs. Kids can play from 1 to 5 years old, the quality of V2 Pro trick scooters is guaranteed.

Progressive Brake Design

The progressive braking system can improve the braking effect and stability of the trick scooter, so it is safer. Kids can gradually increase the braking force as needed to slow down the scooter evenly. Progressive braking systems generally result in less wear and tear on the brake components, which extends the life of the brake system and reduces maintenance costs.

Saddle-shaped Seat

The saddle-shaped seat of the V2 Pro trick scooter brings children a comfortable riding experience, allowing them to sit for a long time without feeling tired. Whether it is long-term sliding or leisurely pushing, this seat allows kids to enjoy comfort without fatigue.

More Detail Design About V2 Pro Trick Scooters for Kids

Customer Reviews

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Sharon S
Great Gift

My son is 2 1/2 & loves the scooter. It’s taking him a little while to get the turning down as he is more reserved in nature. The wheels are really fun and he loves when they light up as it rolls.
The only thing that was a surprise to me was the fact that the handle doesn’t cause the scooter to turn. You turn the scooter by leaning. I’m sure most know that, but that was a surprise to me.

High quality and Fun!

We were searching for scooters for our 2 small kids (3 and 5 years old) for awhile and we found the winner! We love everything about this trike scooter! The anti-slip and wide deck, the smooth light up roller wheels, the seat, the wide break, the foot rest and all the color options! Height of handlebar and seat can be adjusted and it's pretty easy to assemble. I definitely recommend this product! We are happy with this purchase.

Suitable for Young Kids

The scooter is well-built and durable, and the adjustable seat makes it suitable for both my kids who are different heights. It's also very easy to switch between the scooter and bike modes. Overall, I would definitely recommend this scooter to other parents looking for a fun and practical ride for their kids.

Great Quality and Value

I purchased this 2-in-1 kids scooter for my two kids to share, and I'm very happy with the quality and value of the product. The scooter is well-built and durable~

Jacob Lee
Fun and Safe Scooter for Kids

I bought this scooter for my 2-year-old son and he's been riding it every day since! The colorful design is really eye-catching and the extra-wide deck provides plenty of room for him to stand comfortably. The adjustable handlebar is a nice touch too. Overall, a great purchase!