Children over 1-year-old like Cooghi Bike Tricycle Bike, Pro Scooter, Twist A Scooter

Children over 1-year-old like Cooghi Bike Tricycle Bike, Pro Scooter, Twist A Scooter

Ms. Brown in the United States said that children like Cooghi Bike Tricycle Bike, Pro Scooter, Twist A Scooter, and the children are more than one year old. Now the family's living room has become a baby's garage. The face-to-value children's car will be shared with you. The following is a personal experience; I hope it will be helpful to everyone!


tricycle bike

1. K3 Tricycle
Suitable for 1.5-5 years old, I am attracted to this high face value. Not only are the high-value children, but they also like it very much. Buy various bike, tricycle, and doll models, and combine them to balance the car mode. It's really. Meet the needs of all ages.

1) A car is equal to the doll car+Tricycle Bike+balance car, and the three modes are adjusted. There is no need for tools to disassemble, deform and transform quickly, which is convenient for portable storage.
2) Pushing rod and the front brake connection. You can directly control the direction of the front by changing the angle of the push rod and turning it to be more flexible and effortless.
3) The primary material is aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which is relatively light and corrosion-resistant, and the material is strong.
4) The seat plate uses a saddle design, which aligns with ergonomics. It fits the baby's hips and is more comfortable to ride.
5) The proportion of the golden triangle of the low center of gravity, the overall is more vital, and the safety is not overwhelming.
6) Adopt a large and wide EVA wheel, crushing any road surface, mute and non-slip, and more effortless gliding.
7) The pedals can be dismantled freely. When riding, you can step on it; when the baby can be used, it can be used as a pedal.


V2 pro scooter

2. V2 Pro Scooter
Suitable for 1-5 years old, this is given to us by the child. Looking at the degree of wear of this Scooter, you know that this car uses very frequently. V2 skateboard bike can ride and slide. The focus of the handle can be turned onto the left and right sides. It can slip, but it could be smoother. It will only ride slowly and slowly, and it is estimated that it will quickly ride and slide.


1) V2 3 Wheel Scooter can ride and slide. One car can be easily switched to different modes without tools.
2) Gravity turning to intelligent turning anti-rollover, the car is a gravity steering, and the handle can be turned on to the left and right sides. It can effectively prevent rollover.
3) Anti-collision pads Effectively rebound effectively, effectively buffering strong earthquakes caused by accidental impacts, preventing the spine from protecting the spine from injury, and the baby's slipping is safer.
4) Can exercise children's balance, enhance children's response and promote leg development; cultivate children's self-confidence and bravery.
5) The bionic arc sedentary is also comfortable with Saddle-type silicone seats, according to the baby's hip curve design.
6) The rear wheels are gradually braked, which can be uniformly decelerated when going downhill to avoid inertia falling by sudden brakes.
7) PU wear-resistant and mute wheels. You don't have to worry about having noisy neighbors downstairs at home.

3. Twisted car
Suitable for 1-3 year old, twisting bike should also be liked by children. I bought this car earlier. Looking at the degree of wear of this car, I know that the use rate of this car is average. People and vehicles are united, and the baby has a fancy riding method. If your baby can't play, you can play with adults. This can also be paired with a rope!

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